Personal (+Sexual) Assistant for Hire (UK)

I am a woman, 38 years of age, Slim, 5'3" tall of Asian/Oriental origin. I am married, and looking to secure a well-paid position as a Personal PA to an executive professional.

I am open to all offers (only genuine offers) and will seriously consider all that e-mail me with regards to this position.

Salary: £150,000 a year. (Non-Negotiable)

Ideal Boss: (Likes) Tall men. Looks after himself. Age is no barrier if you are in good physical shape. Confident and daring. Likes to have fun. Honest and Trustworthy.

Is this You?

If you are interested, please e-mail me with the heading "Job Application".

I do not mind if you are single, married or divorced. All interest will be verified. Any discussions will be arranged.



"Hi honey, It’s me"

"Yeah, I just want to let you know I will be working a couple of hours longer then usual tonight!"

"My Boss has asked me to hang around and help him take care of a few things with him!…."

"I’ll see you a little later, OK!"

"I love you too!"

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